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Cutter Hill Capital has an established name that is synonymous with trust and reliability. Seventy-five percent of our customers are repeat customers due to the quality of our services and ease of doing business with us.

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“70% of our borrowers stay on as repeat customers!

That’s because we’ve made the process so straightforward, easy and reliable.”

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Client Testimonials

“As a professional real estate investor, I have borrowed from dozens of lenders. Randy Winters and Cutter Hill Capital are great to work with. We have clear communication and we never have added time delays from getting passed from department to department. CHC has fair rates and allows us to always close on time!”



“Working with a hard money lender in the past was always frustrating when it came to service and responsiveness. As a result I always hesitated to use it. Cutter Hill Capital completely changed my opinion of hard money lending. Instead of being a lender they became a valuable partner to us. There is a big difference when you are working with someone who has your best interest in mind. “


Tyngsboro, MA

“We have used Cutter Hill Capital on multiple projects. CHC shares a similar business philosophy with a focus on building a lasting, mutually beneficial relationship. We value his feedback, appreciate the easy and streamline process. CHC has acted as a sanity check on deals we are looking at.”


Hingham, MA

We provide funding for house flippers, real estate investors, and many other (non-individual) business entities that require fast and convenient funding for construction projects.

hard money loans ct

We provide hard money loans, rehab loans, bridge loans, and new construction loans to clients all over New England, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. We also work in markets in Pennsylvania, Florida and North Carolina. Our focus has always been to bridge the gap where other lenders fall short; by providing unique and creative loan structures to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Hard Money Lenders CT

Hard Money Lenders CT, Focused on Providing the best quality Service for Construction Loans CT, Fix and Flip Loans, and Bridge Loans in Connecticut. Work with Cutter Hill Capital to fund your project today!

There are many risks involved when it comes to taking loans from new money lenders. A number of factors need to be considered before choosing the right company: reputation, reliability, and ease of communication are of the utmost importance.

If you’re looking for hard money lenders in CT, consider Cutter Hill Capital, a private real estate hard money lender that specializes in short-term real estate projects in Connecticut. Since 2018, we have financed over 1,000 loans with interest rates as low as 9%.

We started out by offering hard money loans to the New England market as well as a selection of other national markets. We are now in the process of expanding and offering our services in the Connecticut area.

We aim to do so by providing the same quality services and financial solutions we have become known for. We pride ourselves in the following:

  • As a borrower, you have a single point-of-contact for a personal and genuine experience 
  • Fast, trustworthy, transparent, efficient, and straightforward lending process
  • Ease of doing business, enjoy superior customer service experience


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    Private Money Lenders in CT

    real estate loans ct

    Are you planning on investing in a new real estate opportunity and need funds quickly? Do you need urgent financing but have no credit? If you searched for “private lenders near me” and were overwhelmed by the large number of responses, here are some factors you should consider:

    • Is the company reliable?
    • Will they offer flexible terms?
    • Are the transactions we make safe?
    • How stringent is the loan approval procedure?

    We invite you to look into Cutter Hill Capital for your real estate financing needs. At Cutter Hill Capital, we provide an easier system for procuring loans than banks. We are an experienced money lender with deep experience in dealing with all kinds of businesses, contractors, and suppliers. We understand how quick approvals and timely access to cash can mean the success of a project.

    Many business endeavors fail due to a lack of proper funding. We aim to be the ideal financial partner for your most ambitious plans. How?

    Our goal is simple: to provide financial liquidity to a wide variety of qualified real estate clients. We do this by structuring financial products that meet the needs of our borrowers.

    If you have any questions or want to learn more about our loan packages, feel free to call us or send us a request by filling out a quick form on our website.

    What Are Hard Money Loans?

    If you are a real estate investor, hard money loans can be a great way to provide liquidity to your real estate project. They’re different from the traditional loans that you apply for in banks. Hard money loans are short-term types of loans that use physical collateral such as property or high-value assets (e.g., historic paintings, artifacts, etc.) in exchange for cash. Should borrowers be unable to pay within the agreed upon time, they relinquish their rights to their collateral.

    Why Hard Money Lenders?

    There are a lot of instances why people look to hard money lenders like Cutter Hill Capital. Here, are some reasons why hard loans are so popular:

    • Quick loan approval
    • Easy process
    • Short-term loans
    • Flexibility

    Hard money loans are suited for people who need quick access to financing and are confident in their ability to pay them back in a short time frame. They generally pay a higher interest rate for this convenience. There are many benefits of using the services of hard money lenders. If you’re looking for the best hard money lenders, we at Cutter Hill Capital are eager and willing to help. We offer a variety of loan products that serve different purposes.

    Fix and Flip Loans Connecticut

    Fix and flip loans CT are great for property buyers who renovate real estate so they can sell it at a higher price. Cutter Hill Capital can help with funds for purchasing and construction.

    We believe in providing quality services to all our customers. It’s also our goal to help real estate investors fulfill their dreams. The fix and flip loan is one of the more common ways we help out investors in the Connecticut market.

    As the state houses some of the most beautiful residential locations in the country, many realtors are interested in old estates. They look for ways to rebuild old properties and sell them at a higher cost. With a booming real estate market, our demand for fix and flip loans is always high.

    commercial hard money loans ct

    Why Choose Cutter Hill Capital as Your Hard Money Lender for Connecticut Properties

    Unlike banks that conduct lengthy and time-consuming checks, Cutter Hill Capital has streamlined its processes to make funding as easy and as fast as possible. Since the value of our loans rests on the value of the collateral, we can expedite the process and meet your financing needs much faster and easier.

    Cutter Hill Capital does not give loans based on credit scores. We also do not use a lengthy time frame to decide whether to give you a loan or not.

    Ease of Doing Business and Transparency

    To make doing business with us as easy for you as possible, we assign you a single point of contact and maintain complete transparency throughout our entire business relationship.

    Because of the way we conduct business, we minimize potential misunderstandings between ourselves and our clients. As a borrower, you can expect our services to be free from:

    • Application fees
    • Service fees
    • Appraisal fees
    • Underwriting fees
    • Loan review fees
    • Prepayment penalties
    • Processing fees

    We are disciplined and single-minded in our commitment to helping property investors in Connecticut. We provide advice and any other loan-related help that our clients may need to achieve business and financial success in the real estate industry.

    Rehab Loans CT

    Some of our biggest clients come to us for financing solutions for their home development, property purchase, and construction projects. Our Rehab Loans were specially designed for purposes such as these.

    Rehab loans are extremely useful for homeowners whose property is under their name and who are interested in making renovations. Many people who would like to sell their homes or buildings need cash to fix them to make a profitable sale.

    People who are confident about making a large profit do not mind higher interest rates. In cases such as these, access to quick financing is important. That’s something we at Cutter Hill Capital understand well and cater to.

    We provide hard money Rehab Loans in Connecticut for fix and flip, buy and hold, construction, and bridge investors. Learn more about Rehab Loans.

    Renovation Loans CT

    If you are specifically looking for a loan to cover renovation costs, you have come to the right place.  At Cutter Hill Capital, we understand the value of money more than anything. Timing is everything where money is concerned. It can spell ruin for a project or mean overnight success.

    Before making the deal, our team will evaluate the costs incurred for your home, building, or any other property. We thoroughly investigate the collateral, weigh in, and discuss the pros and cons of making the deal with our clients.

    The entire process is well recorded and transparent. At any point, if you have any questions about our process, we do our best to answer them and satisfy your requests.

    We believe in gaining your trust with our actions. Known for our reliability, we at Cutter Hill Capital hold ourselves to high standards.

    New Construction Loan Lenders CT

    If you work in the construction industry, you must be aware of how important loans are for running businesses. As large funds are required to procure land, buy construction material, and hire large groups of workers, construction companies depend on hard lenders’ money.

    Bank on Solid Relationships

    However, it can be quite a task to find a good hard money lending company with whom you can develop a long-standing relationship. We at Cutter Hill Capital believe in providing quality services that help develop these kinds of relationships.

    We look forward to building establishments and relationships when we lend money. Hence we also look for clients who share our belief system and want to build a similar relationship with us.

    A Team of Helpful and Professional Experts

    If you want to procure a loan for new construction, our team of experts will help you every step of the way. Based on the collateral you have, we can automatically finalize the transaction and give you the loan.

    As we take a shorter time to accept your loan application and provide short-term loans, many clients prefer using our services. They like the ease with which we conduct our business. Our team is helpful and professional. We assist our clients every step of the way.

    Commercial Hard Money Loans CT

    Commercial hard money loans CT are perfect for investors looking for short-term loans to finance the building or renovation of single family property or two to four family properties. This type of loan is best for experienced investors with a solid history of transactions. Borrowers should be the owner of any property that will be financed.

    Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you.

    Hard Money Loans for Investment Properties in Connecticut

    Being a northern coastal state, Connecticut is one of the few places that receives cold and humid breezes while enjoying a subtropical climate. Connecticut weather is conducive for starting a family and relocating families. Its family-oriented communities may be one of the reasons why the local real estate market has managed to maintain reliable property values throughout the years.

    If you are looking to monetize any local real estate trends in the area, you’ll need physical collateral to get a loan. You can get hard money loans for investment property at Cutter Hill Capital.

    No Credit Checks or Employment Checks

    We don’t need to check your credit score or employment history. Our processes are also extremely transparent and interactive.

    If you are planning to secure an investment loan for a Connecticut property and are in search of Connecticut hard money lenders,  send us a message to find out how we can work together.

    Commercial Real Estate Bridge Loans CT

    At Cutter Hill Capital, we offer Commercial Bridge Loans for commercial real estate builders and agencies. With our range of services, we have something for everyone.

    Many agents who want to build construction complexes, housing properties, and commercial spaces come to us for short-term construction loans. Our Commercial Bridge Loans are short-term financing that helps finance projects until they can secure more traditional long-term funding.

    Commercial Bridge Loans are usually used towards mixed-use, commercial, and residential properties.

    Learn more about our Commercial Bridge Loans product.