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    As private lenders CT, we at Cutter Hill Capital believe in building relationships and helping people fulfill their real estate investment goals. We have many loan types which can be structured to meet our clients’ needs. Procuring loans is an easy process for all our clients.

    If you consider us for hard money funding, here are some of the things we can offer:

    • Reasonable interest rates
    • Sizeable loan amounts
    • Different loan types that can suit a large client base
    • Financing for residential and commercial properties

    Why Choose Us

    There are many benefits from choosing Cutter Hill Capital as private money lenders CT. For quality services, fast and efficient funding, and a genuine customer experience, consider working with us. These are some of the reasons why customers choose us:

    • Quick response time
    • Attractive loan packages
    • Flexibility and feasibility
    • Ease of conducting business
    • Transparent procedure
    • Excellent customer care
    • Team of professional experts 

    You can visit us anytime if you want to ask us questions about short and long-term loans. We can provide you with a free consultation and professional recommendations based on your response.