Buy and Hold Loans CT

Cutter Hill Capital has many offers and attractive plans for buy and hold loans. Give us a call today to learn more about them.

What Are Buy and Hold Loans?

Buy and hold loans are short-term loans meant for individuals who need immediate funding to purchase a potentially lucrative property. Buy and hold loans allow them to hold onto the property until they have more funds from a traditional source such as a bank loan.

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Who Should Opt for Buy and Hold Loans?

If you are a real estate agent or a private builder looking to buy small properties to renovate and sell at a higher price, you can choose from Cutter Hills Capital’s list of buy and hold loans.

If you are looking for private money lenders in Connecticut, Cutter Hill Capital is one of the best money lending companies.

Benefits of Procuring Buy and Hold Loans From Cutter Hill Capital

We have a long-standing list of clients who availed of buy and hold loans from us. We can offer our deep experience and intimate knowledge of what borrowers are looking for when you come to us with a proposal. We can help you secure the perfect loan based on your needs.

Long-Term Hard Money Loans CT

Cutter Hill Capital has a wide range of long-term hard money loans CT that are tailored for companies and individuals who need a longer time to pay back their loans.

If you have any questions about long term-term money loans or buy and hold loans, please fill out our questionnaire or call us today.