Commercial Hard Money Loans CT

If you are looking for commercial hard money loans CT, we at Cutter Hill Capital provide a wide range of loan packages. We mostly cater to real estate and commercial builders but also have provisions for individual homeowners and private builders.

Funding is necessary to cover all the costs of construction. There are costs for various permits, licenses, land, workers, insurances, etc. Construction is a very expensive business and although it has significant returns, it requires a substantial upfront investment. We work with a lot of builders who put in their own money and need help with funding. The returns are forthcoming but require a finished project first.

Cutter Hill Capital understands the needs of its clients. We design loans and loan products to meet the needs of our borrowers. Our team of professional consultants is always available to help and answer any queries.

Commercial Real Estate Bridge Loans CT

Visit us at Cutter Hill Capital if you are thinking of procuring a commercial real estate bridge loan in Connecticut. We have all kinds of borrowers. We typically have three kinds of borrowers for our bridge loans:

  • Investors who want to stabilize their property before getting a traditional bank loan
  • Borrowers who are unable to get a bank loan as they do not qualify for it
  • Individuals who want a short-term loan as they need immediate funds

If you are looking for commercial real estate bridge loans in Connecticut, it is nearly impossible to find a trustworthy company unless you have many reliable sources who vouch for them.

However, you can be assured of getting great service at Cutter Hill Capital. You can check out our client testimonials to learn more about the kind of services we offer.

If you are thinking of working with Cutter Hill Capital, call us to get things rolling.